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BEV'ERAGE, noun [Latin bibo; ] Drink; liquor for drinking. It is generally used of a mixed liquor. Nectar is called the beverage of the gods.

In the middle ages, beverage beveragium, or biberagium was money for drink given to an artificer of other person over and above his hire or wages. The practice has existed, to a certain extent, in American, within my memory, and I know not but it still exists in some parts of this country. A person who had a new garment, was called onto pay beverage that is, to treat with liquor. Hence,

1. A treat on wearing a new suit of clothes, or on receiving a suit from the tailor; also a treat on first coming into prison; a garnish.

In England, water-cider, a mixture of cider and water, made by putting water into pumice before it is pressed.