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BIT'TERNESS, noun [from bitter.] A bitter taste; or rather a quality in things which excites a biting disagreeable sensation in the tongue.

1. In a figurative sense, extreme enmity, grudge, hatred; or rather an excessive degree or implacableness of passions and emotions; as the bitterness of anger. Ephesians 4:31.

2. Sharpness; severity of temper.

3. Keenness of reproach; piquancy; biting sarcasm.

4. Keen sorrow; painful affliction; vexation; deep distress of mind.

Hannah was in bitterness of soul. 1 Samuel 1:10. Job 7:11.

In the gall of bitterness in a state of extreme impiety or enmity to God. Acts 8:23.

Root of bitterness a dangerous error, or schism, tending to draw persons to apostasy. Hebrews 12:15.