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1. The state of being shut, pressed together, or united. Hence according to the nature of the thing to which the word is applied.

2. Compactness; solidity; as the closeness of texture in wood or fossils.

3. Narrowness; straitness; as of a place.

4. Tightness in building, or in apartments; firmness of texture in cloth, etc.

5. Want of ventilation; applied to a close room, or to the air confined in it.

6. Confinement or retirement of a person; recluseness; solitude.

7. Reserve in intercourse; secrecy; privacy; caution.

8. Covetousness; penuriousness.

9. Connection; near union; intimacy, whether of friendship, or of interest; as the closeness of friendship, or of alliance.

10. Pressure; urgency; variously applied; as the closeness of an agreement, or of debate; the closeness of a question or inquiry.

11. Adherence to an original; as the closeness of a version.