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RIG, noun A ridge, which see.

RIG, verb transitive

1. to dress; to put on; when applied to persons, not elegant, but rather a ludicrous word, to express the putting on of a gay, flaunting or unusual dress.

Jack was rigged out in his gold and silver lace, with a feather in his cap.

2. To furnish with apparatus or gear; to fit with tackling.

3. To rig a ship, in seamen's language, is to fit the shrouds, stays, braces, etc. to their respective masts and yards.

RIG, noun [See the Verb.]

1. Dress; also, bluster.

2. A romp; a wanton; a strumpet.

To run the rig to play a wanton trick.

To run the rig upon, to practice a sportive trick on.

RIG, verb intransitive to play the wanton.