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SPIRE, noun [Latin spira; from the root of Latin spiro, to breathe. The primary sense of the root is to throw, to drive, to send, but it implies a winding motion, like throw, warp, and many others.]

1. A winding line like the threads of a screw; any thing wreathed or contorted; a curl; a twist; a wreath. His neck erect amidst his circling spires. A dragon's fiery form belied the god; sublime on radiant spires he rode.

2. A body that shoots up to a point; a tapering body; a round pyramid or pyramidical body; a steeple. With glist'ring spires and pinnacles adorn'd.

3. A stalk or blade of grass or other plant. How humble ought man to be, who cannot make a single spire or grass.

4. The top or uppermost point of a thing.

SPIRE, verb intransitive

1. To shoot; to shoot up pyramidically.

2. To breathe. [Not in use.]

3. To sprout, as grain in malting.