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UT'TER, adjective

1. Situated on the outside or remote from the center.

2. Placed or being beyond any compass; out of any place; as the utter deep.

3. Extreme; excessive; utmost; as utter darkness.

4. Complete; total; final; as utter ruin.

5. Peremptory; absolute; as an utter refusal or denial.

6. Perfect; mere; quite; as utter strangers.

UT'TER, verb transitive

1. To speak; to pronounce; to express; as, to utter words; to utter sounds.

2. To disclose; to discover; to divulge; to publish. He never utters a syllable of what I suppose to be intended as a secret.

3. To sell; to vend; as, to utter wares. [This is obsolete, unless in the law style.]

4. To put or send into circulation; to put off, as currency, or cause to pass in commerce; as, to utter coin or notes. A man utters a false note, who gives it in payment, knowing it to be false.