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BAM'BOO, noun A plant of the reed kind, or genus Arundo, growing in the East Indies, and in some other warm climates, and sometimes attaining to the height of 60 feet. From the main root, which is long, thick and jointed, spring several round, jointed stalks, which at 10 or 12 feet from the ground, send out from their joints several stalks which are united at their base. These are armed, at their joints, with one or two sharp rigid spines, and furnished with oblong, oval leaves, eight or nine inches long, on short footstalks. The flowers grow in large panicles, from the joints of the stalk, placed three in a parcel, close to their receptacles. Old stalks grow to five or six inches in diameter, and are so hard and durable, as to be used for building and for all sorts of furniture, for water pipes, and for poles to support palanquins. The smaller stalks are used for walking sticks, flutes, etc.