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BROOD, verb intransitive

1. To sit on and cover, as a fowl on her eggs for the purpose of warming them and hatching chickens, or as a hen over her chickens, to warm and protect them.

2. To sit on; to spread over, as with wings; as, to sit brooding over the vast abyss.

3. To remain a long time in anxiety or solicitous thought; to have the mind uninterruptedly dwell a long time on a subject; as, the miser broods over his gold.

4. To mature any thing with care.

BROOD, verb transitive To sit over, cover and cherish; as, a hen broods her chickens.

1. To cherish.

You'll brood your sorrows on a throne.

BROOD, noun Offspring; progeny; formerly used of human beings in elegant works, and we have brother, from this word; but it is now more generally used in contempt.

1. A hatch; the young birds hatched at once; as a brood of chickens or of ducks.

2. That which is bred; species generated; that which is produced.

Lybia's broods of poison.

3. The act of covering the eggs, or of brooding. [Unusual.]