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BUTT, noun [See But.] Literally, end, furthest point. Hence, a mark to be shot at; the point where a mark is set or fixed to be shot at.

1. The point to which a purpose or effort is directed.

2. The object of aim; the thing against which an attack is directed. Hence,

3. The person at whom ridicule, jests or contempt are directed; as the butt of ridicule.

4. A push or thrust given by the head of an animal, as the butt of a ram; also, a thrust in fencing.

5. A cask whose contents are 126 gallons of wine, or two hogsheads; called also a pipe. A butt of beer is 108 gallons, and from 1500 to 2200 weight of currants is a butt

6. The end of a plank in a ship's side or bottom.

7. A particular kind of hinge for doors, etc.

BUTT, verb intransitive [Latin peto.] To thrust the head forward; to strike by thrusting the head against, as an ox or a ram.