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CLASH, verb intransitive

1. To strike against; to drive against with force.

Note. The sense of this word is simply to strike against or meet with force; but when two sounding bodies strike together, the effect is a sound. Hence the word often implies, to strike with a noise, as clashing arms.

2. To meet in opposition; to be contrary; to act in a contrary direction; to interfere, as opposing persons, minds, views, interests, etc.; as, the opinions of men clash; clashing interests.

Independent jurisdictions--could not fail to clash

CLASH, verb transitive To strike one thing against another, with sound.

CLASH, noun

1. A meeting of bodies with violence; a striking together with noise; collision, or noisy collision of bodies; as the clash of arms.

2. Opposition; contradiction; as between differing or contending interests, views, purposes, etc.