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FORGE, noun [Latin ferrum, iron.]

1. A furnace in which iron or other metal is heated and hammered into form. A larger forge is called with us iron-works. Smaller forges consisting of a bellows so placed as to cast a stream of air upon ignited coals, are of various forms and users. Armies have travelling forges, for repairing gun-carriages, etc.

2. Any place where any thing is made or shaped.

3. The act of beating or working iron or steel; the manufacture of metalline bodies.

In the greater bodies the forge was easy.

FORGE, verb transitive

1. To form by heating and hammering; to beat into any particular shape, as a metal.

2. To make by any means.

Names that the schools forged, and put into the mouths of scholars.

3. To make falsely; to falsify; to counterfeit; to make in the likeness of something else; as, to forge coin; to forge a bill of exchange or a receipt.