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GLUT, verb intransitive [Latin glutio, Low Latin gluto, a glutton.]

1. To swallow, or to swallow greedily; to gorge.

2. To cloy; to fill beyond sufficiency; to sate; to disgust; as, to glut the appetites.

3. To feast or delight even to satiety.

His faithful heart, a bloody sacrifice,

Torn from his breast, to glut the tyrant's eyes.

4. To fill or furnish beyond sufficiency; as, to glut the market.

5. To saturate.

GLUT, noun That which is swallowed.

1. Plenty even to loathing.

He shall find himself miserable, even in the very glut of his delights.

A glut of study and retirement.

2. More than enough; superabundance.

3. Any thing that fills or obstructs the passage.

4. A wooden wedge.