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GRAY, adjective [This is probably the name given to the Greeks, on account of their fair complexion compared with the Asiatics and Africans. [See Europe.] 'Keto bore to Phorcus the Graiae with fair cheeks, white from their birth, and hence they were called Graiae.' The Greek word is rendered an old woman, and in this passage of Hesiod, is supposed to mean certain deities. The probability is, that it is applied to an old woman, because she is gray But the fable of Hesiod is easily explained by supposing the author to have had in his mind some imperfect account of the origin of the Greeks.]

1. White, with a mixture of black.

These gray and dun colors may be also produced by mixing whites and blacks.

2. White; hoary; as gray hair. We apply the word to hair that is partially or wholly white.

3. Dark; of a mixed color; of the color of ashes; as gray eyes; the gray-eyed morn.

4. Old; mature; as gray experience.

GRAY, noun A gray color.

1. A badger.