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GREATNESS, noun Largeness of bulk, dimensions, number or quantity; as the greatness of a mountain, of an edifice, of a multitude, or of a sum of money. With reference to solid bodies, however, we more generally use bulk, size, extent or magnitude than greatness; as the bulk or size of the body; the extent of the ocean; the magnitude of the sun or of the earth.

1. Large amount; extent; as the greatness of a reward.

2. High degree; as the greatness of virtue or vice.

3. High rank or place; elevation; dignity; distinction; eminence; power; command.

4. Swelling pride; affected state.

It is not of pride or greatness that he cometh not aboard your ships.

5. Magnanimity; elevation of sentiment; nobleness; as greatness of mind.

Virtue is the only solid basis of greatness

6. Strength or extent of intellectual faculties; as the greatness of genius.

7. Large extent or variety; as the greatness of a man's acquisitions.

8. Grandeur; pomp; magnificence.

GREATNESS with Timon dwells in such a draught,

As brings all Brobdignag before your thought.

9. Force; intensity; as the greatness of sound, of passion, heat, etc.