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H'ARBOR, noun

1. A lodging; a place of entertainment and rest.

For harbor at a thousand doors they knocked.

2. A port or haven for ships; a bay or inlet of the sea, in which ships can moor, and be sheltered from the fury of winds and a heavy sea; any navigable water where ships can ride in safety.

3. An asylum; a shelter; a place of safety from storms or danger.

H'ARBOR, verb transitive To shelter; to secure; to secrete; as, to harbor a thief.

1. To entertain; to permit to lodge, rest or reside; as, to harbor malice or revenge.

Harbor not a thought of revenge.

H'ARBOR, verb intransitive To lodge or abide for a time; to receive entertainment.

This night let's harbor here in York.

1. To take shelter.