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HISS, verb intransitive

1. To make a sound by driving the breath between the tongue and the upper teeth; to give a strong aspiration, resembling the noise made by a serpent and some other animals, or that of water thrown on hot iron. Hissing is an expression of contempt.

The merchants among the people shall hiss at thee. Ezekiel 27:36.

2. To express contempt or disapprobation by hissing.

3. To whiz, as an arrow or other thing in rapid flight.

HISS, verb transitive To condemn by hissing; to explode. The spectators hissed him off the stage.

1. To procure hisses or disgrace.

--That of an hour's age doth hiss the speaker.

HISS, noun The sound made by propelling the breath between the tongue and upper teeth; the noise of a serpent, a goose, etc.

He hiss for hiss returned.

1. An expression of contempt or disapprobation, used in places of public exhibition.