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HOIST, verb transitive [originally hoise; but corrupted, perhaps beyond remedy.]

1. To raise; to lift.

We'll quickly hoist duke Humphrey from his seat.

In popular language, it is a word of general application. But the word has two appropriate uses, one by seamen, and the other by milkmaids, viz.

2. To raise, to lift or bear upwards by means of tackle; and to draw up or raise, as a sail along the masts or stays, or as a flag, though by a single block only. hoist the main-sail. hoist the flag.

3. To lift and move the leg backwards; a word of command used by milkmaids to cows, when they wish them to lift and set back the right leg.

HOIST, noun In marine language, the perpendicular highth of a flag or ensign, as opposed to the fly, or breadth from the staff to the outer edge.