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LAT'ITUDE, noun [Latin latitudo, breadth; latus, broad.]

1. Breadth; width; extent from side to side.

2. Room; space.

[In the foregoing senses, Little Used.]

3. In astronomy, the distance of a star north or south of the ecliptic.

4. In geography, the distance of any place on the globe, north or south of the equator. Boston is situated in the forty third degree of north latitude

5. Extent of meaning or construction; indefinite acceptation. The words will not bear this latitude of construction.

6. Extent of deviation from a settled point; freedom from rules or limits; laxity.

In human actions, there are no degrees and precise natural limits described, but a latitude is indulged.

7. Extent.

I pretend not to treat of them in their full latitude