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MIN'GLE, verb transitive

1. To mix; to blend; to unite in one body; as, to mingle liquors of different kinds.

2. To mix or blend without order or promiscuously.

There was fire mingled with hail. Exodus 9:24.

3. To compound; to unite in a mass, as solid substances; as, to mingle flour, sugar and eggs in cookery.

4. To join in mutual intercourse or in society.

The holy seed have mingled themselves with the people of those lands. Ezra 9:2. Psalms 106:35.

5. To contaminate; to render impure; to debase by mixture.

The best of us appear contented with a mingled imperfect virtue.

6. To confuse.

There mingle broils.

MIN'GLE, verb intransitive To be mixed; to be united with.

She, when she saw her sister nymphs, suppressed

Her rising fears, and mingled with the rest.

MIN'GLE, noun Mixture; medley; promiscuous mass. [Not used.]