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MOR'ALLY, adverb In a moral or ethical sense; according to the rules of morality.

By good, morally so called, bonum honestum ought chiefly to be understood.

1. Virtuously; honestly; according to moral rules in external department. He resolves to live morally

2. According to the rules of the divine law. An action is not in strictness morally good, which does not proceed from good motives, or a principle of love and obedience to the divine law and to the lawgiver. Charity bestowed to gratify pride, or justice done by compulsion, cannot be morally good in the sight of God.

3. According to the evidence of human reason or of probabilities, founded on facts or experience; according to the usual course of things and human judgment.

It is morally impossible for a hypocrite to keep himself long on his guard.

From the nature of things, I am morally certain that a mind free from passion and prejudice is more fit to pass a true judgment than one biased by affection and interest.