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PEND'ANT, noun [Latin pendeo, to hang.]

1. An ornament or jewel hanging at the ear, usually composed of pearl or some precious stone.

2. Any thing hanging by way of ornament.

3. In heraldry, a part hanging from the label, resembling the drops in the Doric frieze.

4. A streamer; a small flag or long narrow banner displayed from a ship's mast head, usually terminating in two points called the swallow's tail. It denotes that a ship is in actual service. The broad pendant is used to distinguish the chief of a squadron.

5. A short piece of rope fixed on each side under the shrouds, on the heads of the main and fore-mast, having an iron thimble to receive the hooks of the tackle.

There are many other pendants consisting of a rope or ropes, to whose lower extremity is attached a block or tackle. The rudder-pendant is a rope made fast to the rudder by a chain, to prevent the loss of the rudder when unshipped.

6. A pendulum. [Not used.]