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PHRASE, noun s as z. [Gr. to speak.]

1. A short sentence or expression. A phrase may be complete, as when it conveys complete sense, as humanum est errare, to err is human; or it may be incomplete, as when it consists of several words without affirming any thing, or when the noun and the verb do the office of a noun only; as, that which is true, that is, truth, satisfied the mind.

2. A particular mode of speech; a peculiar sentence of short idiomatic expression; as a Hebrew phrase; an Italian phrase

3. Style; expression.

Thou speak'st

In better phrase

4. In music, any regular symmetrical course of notes which begin and complete the intended expression.

PHRASE, verb transitive To call; to style; to express in words or in peculiar words.

These suns,

For so they phrase them.