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PRECE'DENCY, noun The act or state of going before; priority in time; as the precedence of one event.

1. The state of going or being before in rank or dignity or the place of honor; the right to a more honorable place in public processions, in seats or in the civilities of life. precedence depends on the order of nature or rank established by God himself, as that due to age; or on courtesy, custom or political distinction, as that due to a governor or senator, who, though younger in years, takes rank of a subordinate officer, though older; or it is settled by authority, as in Great Britain. In the latter case, a violation of the right of precedence is actionable.

Precedence went in truck,

And he was competent whose purse was so.

2. The foremost in ceremony.

3. Superiority; superior importance or influence.

Which of the different desires has precedency in determining the will to the next action.