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ROAR, verb intransitive

1. To cry with a full, loud, continued sound; to bellow, as a beast; as a roaring bull; a roaring lion.

2. To cry aloud, as in distress.

The suff'ring chief roar'd out for anguish.

3. To cry aloud; to bawl; as a child.

4. To cause a loud continued sound. We say, the sea or the wind roars; a company roar in acclamation.

5. To make a loud noise.

The brazen throat of war had ceas'd to roar

ROAR, noun

1. A full loud sound of some continuance; the cry of a beast; as the roar of a lion or bull.

2. The loud cry of a child or person in distress.

3. Clamor; outcry of joy or mirth; as a roar of laughter. he set the company in a roar

4. The loud continued sound of the sea in a storm, or the howling of a tempest.

5. Any loud sound of some continuance; as the roar of cannon.