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SLUM'BER, verb intransitive

1. To sleep lightly; to doze. He that keepth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. Psalms 121:4.

2. To sleep. slumber is used as synonymous with sleep, particularly in the poetic and eloquent style.

3. To be in a state of negligence, sloth, supineness or inactivity. Why slumbers Pope?

SLUM'BER, verb transitive

1. To lay to sleep.

2. To stun; to stupefy. [Little Used and hardly legitimate.]

SLUM'BER, noun

1. Light sleep; sleep not deep or sound. From carelessness it shall settle into slumber and from slumber it shall settle into a deep and long sleep.

2. Sleep; repose.

Rest to my soul, and slumber to my eyes.