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SPIKE, noun [Latin Latin spica, and ear of corn. It signifies a shoot or point.]

1. A large uail; always in American applied to a nail or pin of metal. A similar thing made of word is called a peg or pin. In England, it is sometimes used for a sharp point of wood.

2. An ear of corn or grain. It is applied to the heads of wheat, rye and barley; and is particularly applicable to the ears of maiz.

3. A shoot.

4. [Latin spica.] In botany, a species of inflorescence, in which sessile flowers are alternate on a common simple peduncle, as in wheat and rye, lavender, etc.

SPIKE, noun A smaller species of lavender.

SPIKE, verb transitive

1. To fasten with spikes or long and large nails; as, to spike down the planks of a floor or bridge.

2. To set with spikes. A youth leaping over the spiked pales-was caught by the spikes. [Unusual.]

3. To stop the vent with spikes; as, to spike cannon.