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SUBLI'ME, adjective [Latin sublimis.]

1. High in place; exalted aloft.

Sublime on these a tow'r of steel is rear'd.

2. High in excellence; exalted by nature; elevated.

Can it be that souls sublime

Return to visit our terrestrial clime?

3. High in style or sentiment; lofty; grand.

Easy in style thy work, in sense sublime

4. Elevated by joy; as sublime with expectation.

5. Lofty of mein; elevated in manner.

His fair large front and eye sublime declar'd

Absolute rule.

SUBLI'ME, noun A grand or lofty style; a style that expresses lofty conceptions.

The sublime rises from the nobleness of thoughts, the magnificence of words, or the harmonious and lively turn of the phrase--

SUBLI'ME, verb transitive To sublimate, which see.

1. To raise on high.

2. To exalt; to highten; to improve.

The sun--

Which not alone the southern wit sublimes,

But ripens spirits in cold northern climes.

SUBLI'ME, verb intransitive To be brought or changed into a state of vapor by heat, and then condensed by cold, as a solid substance.

Particles of antimony which will not sublime alone.