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SHADE, noun [Latin scutum, a shield.]

1. Literally, the interception, cutting of or interruption of the rays of light; hence, the obscurity which is caused by such interception. Shad differs from shadow, as it implies no particular form or definite limit. whereas a shadow represents in form the object which intercepts the light. Hence when we say, let us resort to the shade of a tree, we have no reference to its form; but when we speak of measuring a pyramid or other object by its shadow, we have reference to its extent.

2. Darkness; obscurity; as the shades of night.

3. An obscure place, properly in a grove or close wood, which precludes the sun's rays; an hence, a secluded retreat.

Let us seek out some desolate shade, and there

Weep our sad bosoms empty. Shak.

4. A screen; something that intercepts light or heat.

5. Protection; shelter. [See Shadow.]

6. In painting, the dark part of the picture.

7. Degree or gradation of light.

White, red, yellow, blue, with their several degrees, or shades and mixtures, as green, come only in by the eyes. Locke.

8. A shadow. [See Shadow.]

Envy will merit, as its shade, pursue. Pope. [This is allowable in poetry.]

9. The soul, after its separation from the body; so called because the ancients supposed it to be perceptible to the sight, not to the touch; a spirit; aghost; as the shades of departed heroes.

Swift as thought, the flitting shade- Dryden.

SHADE, verb transitive

1. To shelter or screen from light by intercepting its rays; and when applied to the rays of the sun, it segnifies to shelter from light and heat; as, a large tree shades the plants under its branches; shaded vegetables rarely come to perfection.

I went to the sylvan scenes,

And shade our altars with their leafy greens. Dryden.

2. To overspread with darkness or obscurity; to obscure.

Thou shad'st

The full blaze of thy beams. Milton.

3. To shelter; to hide.

Ere in your own house I do shade my head. Shak.

4. To cover from injury; to protect; to screen.

5. To paint in obscure colors; to darken.

6. Tjo mark with gradations of color; as the shading pencil.

7. To darken; to obscure.