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AM'PLIFY, verb transitive [Latin amplifico; of amplus and facio, to make large.]

1. To enlarge; to augment; to increase or extend, in a general sense; applied to material or immaterial things.

2. In rhetoric, to enlarge in discussion or by representation; to treat copiously, so as to present the subject in every view and in the strongest lights.

3. To enlarge by addition; to improve or extend; as, to amplify the sense of an author by a paraphrase.

AM'PLIFY, verb intransitive

1. To speak largely or copiously; to be diffuse in argument or description; to dilate upon; often followed by on; as, to amplify on the several topics of discourse.

2. To exaggerate; to enlarge by representation or description; as,

Homer amplifies - not invents.