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BROAD, adjective brawd. [Latin gradior; a root of extensive use.]

1. Wide; extended in breadth, or from side to side, as distinguished from long, or extended from end to end. It is opposed to narrow; as a broad street; a broad table.

2. Wide; extensive; vast; as the broad expanse of ocean.

3. Large; as a broad mixture of falsehood.

4. Open; clear; not covered, confined or concealed; as in broad sunshine.

5. Gross; coarse; as broad mirth; broad nonsense.

6. Plain; tending to obscenity; as a broad comment.

7. Bold; not delicate; not reserved; as broad words.

8. Comprehensive.

It may be urged that the words in the constitution are broad enough to include the case.

BROAD as long, equal upon the whole.