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BRO'KER, noun [from broke.]

1. An agent or negotiator, who is employed by merchants to make and conclude bargains for them for a fee or rate per cent., or who transacts other business for his employers.

Brokers are of several kings.

1. Exchange-brokers, who make and conclude bargains for others in matters of money or merchandize, learn the rate of exchange and notify their employers.

2. Stock-brokers, who are employed to buy and sell shares in the stocks, whether of the public funds, of banks or of other corporations.

3. Pawn-brokers, who make it their business to lend money upon pawns, that is, property deposited in pledge.

4. Insurance-brokers, whose business is to procure the insurance of vessels at sea or bound on a voyage.

In the U. States, the business of a stockbroker and an insurance-broker is often or generally carried on by the same person.

2. One who deals in old household goods.

3. A pimp or procurer.