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CHANCE, noun

1. An event that happens, falls out or takes place, without being contrived, intended, expected or foreseen; the effect of an unknown cause, or the unusual or unexpected effect of a known cause; accident; casualty; fortuitous event; as, time and chance happen to all.

By chance a priest came down that way. Luke 10:31.

2. Fortune; what fortune may bing; as, they must take their chance

3. An event, good or evil; success or misfortune; luck.

4. Possibility of an occurrence; opportunity.

You ladyship may have a chance to escape this address.

CHANCE, verb intransitive To happen; to fall out; to come or arrive without design, or expectation.

If a birds nest chance to be before thee. Deuteronomy 22:6.

Ah Casca, tell us what hath chanced to day.

CHANCE, adjective Happening by chance; casual; as a chance comer.