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1. The act of composing, or that which is composed; a composition; as a form of prayer of public composure; a hasty composure

In the composures of men, remember you are a man.

In this use, this word has given way to composition.

2. Composition; combination; arrangement; order.

When such a composure of letters, such a word, is intended to signify a certain thing.

3. The form, adjustment, or disposition of the various parts.

In composure of his face,

Lived a fair but manly grace.

The outward form and composure of the body.

4. Frame; make; temperament.

His composure must be rare indeed,

Whom these things cannot blemish.

5. A settled state of the mind; sedateness; calmness; tranquility.

When the passions are silent, the mind enjoys its most perfect composure

6. Agreement; settlement of differences; composition.

The treaty at Uxbridge gave the fairest hopes of a happy composure