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COUNTERPOISE, verb transitive s as z. [See Poise.]

1. To counterbalance; to weigh against with equal weight; to be equiponderant to; to equal in weight.

The force and distance of weights counterpoising each other, ought to be reciprocal.

The heaviness of bodies must be counterpoised by a plummet fastened about the pulley to the axis.

2. To act against the equal power or effect; to balance. The wisdom of the senate may be able to counterpoise the rash impetuosity of a democratic house.


1. Equal weight acting in opposition to something; equiponderance; a weight sufficient to balance another in the opposite scale; equal balance.

2. Equal power or force acting in opposition; a force sufficient to balance another force; equipollence.

The second nobles are a counterpoise to the higher nobility.

3. In the manege, a position of the rider in which his body is duly balanced in his seat, not inclined more to one than the other.