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CURRENT, adjective [Latin , to flow or run.]

1. Literally, flowing, running, passing. Hence, passing from person to person, or from hand to hand; circulating; as current opinions; current coin. Hence, common, general or fashionable; generally received; popular; as the current notions of the day or age; current folly.

2. Established by common estimation; generally received; as the current value of coin.

3. Passable; that may be allowed or admitted.

4. Now passing; present in its course; as the current month or year.


1. A flowing or passing; a stream; applied to fluids; as a current of water, or of air. The gulf stream is a remarkable current in the Atlantic. A current sets into the Mediterranean.

2. Course; progressive motion, or movement; continuation; as the current of time.

3. A connected series; successive course; as the current of events.

4. General or main course; as the current of opinion.