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DIRECTION, noun [Latin]

1. Aim at a certain point; a pointing towards, in a straight line or course; as, the direction of good works to a good end.

2. The line in which a body moves by impulse; course. Matter or body cannot alter the direction of its own motion.

3. A straight line or course. A star appeared int eh direction of a certain tower. The ship sailed in a south-easterly direction

4. The act of governing; administration; management; guidance; superintendence; as the direction of public affairs; direction of domestic concerns; the direction of a bank.

5. Regularity; adjustment.

All chance, direction which thou canst not see.

6. Order; prescription; either verbal or written; instruction in what manner to proceed. The employer gives directions to his workmen; the physician, to his patient.

7. The superscription of a letter, including the name, title and place of abode of the person for whom it is intended.

8. A body or board of directors.