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DISGRACE, noun [dis and grace.]

1. A state of being out of favor; disfavor; disesteem; as, the minister retired from court in disgrace

2. State of ignominy; dishonor; shame.

3. Cause of shame; as, to turn the back to the enemy is a foul disgrace; every vice is a disgrace to a rational being.

4. Act of unkindness. [Not used.]

DISGRACE, verb transitive

1. To put out of favor; as, the minister was disgraced.

2. To bring a reproach on; to dishonor; as an agent. Men are apt to take pleasure in disgracing an enemy and his performance.

3. To bring to shame; to dishonor; to sink in estimation; as a cause; as, men often boast of actions which disgrace them.