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DOCKET, noun

1. A small piece of paper or parchment, containing the heads of a writing. Also, a subscription at the foot of letters patent, by the clerk of the dockets.

2. A bill, tied to goods, containing some direction, as the name of the owner, or the place to which they are to be sent. [See Ticket.]

3. An alphabetical list of cases in a court, or a catalogue of the names of the parties who have suits depending in a court. In some of the states, this is the principal or only use of the word.

DOCKET, verb transitive

1. To make an abstract of summary of the heads of a writing or writings; to abstract and enter in a book; as, judgments regularly docketed.

2. To enter in a docket; to mark the contents of papers on the back of them.

3. To mark with a docket