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EMERGE, verb intransitive emerj'. [Latin emergo; e, ex, and mergo, to plunge.]

1. To rise out of a fluid or other covering or surrounding substance; as, to emerge from the water or from the ocean.

That is--emerging from the deep.

We say, a planet emerges from the sun's light; a star emerging from chaos. It is opposed to immerge.

2. To issue; to proceed from.

3. To reappear, after being eclipsed; to leave the sphere of the obscuring object.

The sun is said to emerge when the moon ceases to obscure its light; the satellites of Jupiter emerge when they appear beyond the limb of the planet.

4. To rise out of a state of depression or obscurity; to rise into view; as, to emerge from poverty or obscurity; to emerge from the gloom of despondency.