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ENAM'EL, noun

1. In mineralogy, a substance imperfectly vitrified, or matter in which the granular appearance is destroyed, and having a vitreous gloss.

In the arts, a substance of the nature of glass, differing from it by a greater degree of fusibility or opacity.

Enamels have for their basis a pure crystal glass or frit, ground with a fine oxyd of lead and tin. These baked together are the matter of enamels, and the color is varied by adding other substances, Oxyd of gold gives a red color; that of copper, a green; manganese, a violet; cobalt, a blue; and iron, a fine black.

2. That which is enameled; a smooth, glossy surface of various colors, resembling enamel

3. In anatomy, the smooth hard substance which covers the crown of a tooth.

ENAM'EL, verb transitive To lay enamel on a metal, as on gold, silver, copper, etc.

1. To paint in enamel

2. To form a glossy surface like enamel