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EXPEND', verb transitive [Latin expendo; ex and pendo, to weigh, from Latin dispendo.]

1. To lay out; to disburse; to spend; to deliver or distribute, either in payment or in donations. We expend money for food, drink and clothing. We expend a little in charity, and a great deal in idle amusements.

2. To lay out; to use; to employ; to consume; as, to expend time and labor. I hope the time, labor and money expended on this book will not be wholly misemployed.

3. To use and consume; as, to expend hay in feeding cattle.

4. To consume; to dissipate; to waste; as, the oil of a lamp is expended to burning; water is expended in mechanical operations.

EXPEND', verb intransitive To be laid out, used or consumed.