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FLARE, verb intransitive [If this word is not contracted, it may be allied to clear, glare, glory, Latin floreo, Eng. floor, the primary sense of which is to open, to spread, from parting, departing, or driving apart.]

1. To waver; to flutter; to burn with an unsteady light; as, the candle flares, that is the light wanders from its natural course.

2. To flutter with splendid show; to be loose and waving as a showy thing.

With ribbons pendant flaring 'bout her head.

3. To glitter with transient luster.

But speech alone doth vanish like a flaring thing.

4. To glitter with painful splendor.

When the sun begins to fling his flaring beams.

5. To be exposed to too much light.

I cannot stay flaring in sunshine all the day.

6. To open or spread outward.