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FOLD, noun [See the verb, to fold ]

1. A pen or inclosure for sheep; a place where a flock of sheep is kept, whether in the field or under shelter.

2. A flock of sheep. Hence in a scriptural sense, the church, the flock of the Shepherd of Israel.

Other sheep I have, which are not of this fold John 10:16.

3. A limit. [Not in use.]

FOLD, noun

1. The doubling of any flexible substance, as cloth; complication; a plait; one part turned or bent and laid on another; as a fold of linen.

2. In composition, the same quantity added; as two fold four fold ten fold that is, twice as much, four times as much, ten times as much.

FOLD, verb transitive [Heb. The primary sense is to fall, or to lay, to set, throw or press together.]

1. To double; to lap or lay in plaits; as, to fold a piece of cloth.

2. To double and insert one part in another; as, to fold a letter.

3. To double or lay together, as the arms. He folds his arms in despair.

4. To confine sheep in a fold

FOLD, verb intransitive To close over another of the same kind; as, the leaves of the door fold