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FRANC, noun

1. An ancient coin of France. The value of the gold frank was something more than that of the gold crown. The silver franc was in value a third of the gold one. The gold coin is no longer in circulation. The present franc or frank, is a silver coin of the value nearly of nineteen cents, or ten pence sterling.

2. A letter which is exempted from postage; or the writing which renders it free.

3. A sty for swine. [Not used.]

FRANK, noun

1. A name given by the Turks, Greeks and Arabs to any of the inhabitants of the western parts of Europe, English, French, Italians, etc.

2. The people of Franconia in German.

FRANK, verb transitive

1. To exempt, as a letter from the charge of postage.

2. To shut up in a sty or frank. [Not used.]

3. To feel high; to cram; to fatten. [Not used.]