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H'AUNT, verb transitive

1. To frequent; to resort to much or often, or to be much about; to visit customarily.

Celestial Venus haunts Idalia's groves.

2. To come to frequently; to intrude on; to trouble with frequent visits; to follow importunately.

You wrong me, Sir, thus still to haunt my house.

Those cares that haunt the court and town.

3. It is particularly applied to specters or apparitions, which are represented by fear and credulity as frequenting or inhabiting old, decayed and deserted houses.

Foul spirits haunt my resting place.

H'AUNT, verb intransitive To be much about; to visit or be present often.

I've charged thee not to haunt about my door.

H'AUNT, noun A place to which one frequently resorts. Taverns are often the haunts of tipplers. A den is the haunt of wild beasts.

1. The habit or custom of resorting to a place. [Not used.]

2. Custom; practice.