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HOOD. [Latin fraternitas.]

HOOD, noun

1. A covering for the head used by females, and deeper than a bonnet.

2. A covering for the head and shoulders used by monks; a cowl.

3. A covering for a hawk's head or eyes; used in falconry.

4. Any thing to be drawn over the head to cover it.

5. An ornamental fold that hangs down the back of a graduate to mark his degree.

6. A low wooden porch over the ladder which leads to the steerage of a ship; the upper part of a galley-chimney; the cover of a pump.

HOOD, verb transitive To dress in a hood or cowl; to put on a hood

The friar hooded, and the monarch crowned.

1. To cover; to blind.

I'll hood my eyes.

2. To cover.

And hood the flames.