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HUM, verb intransitive To utter the sound of bees; to buzz.

1. To make an inarticulate buzzing sound.

The cloudy messenger turns me his back,

And hums--

2. To pause in speaking, and make an audible noise like the humming bees.

He hummed and hawed.

3. To make a dull, heavy noise like a drone.

Still humming, on their drowsy course they took.

4. To applaud.

HUM, verb transitive To sing in a low voice; as, to hum a tune.

1. To cause to hum; to impose on.

HUM, noun The noise of bees or insects.

1. A low confused noise, as of crowds; as the busy hum of men.

2. Any low dull noise.

3. A low inarticulate sound, uttered by a speaker in a pause; as hums and haws.

4. An expression of applause.

HUM, exclamation A sound with a pause, implying doubt and deliberation.