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INCEND'IARY, noun [Latin incendiarius, from incendo, to burn; in and candeo, to shine, or be on fire.]

1. A person who maliciously sets fire to another man's dwelling house, or to any outhouse, being parcel of the same, as a barn or stable; one who is guilty of arson.

2. Any person who sets fire to a building.

3. A person who excites or inflames factions, and promotes quarrels.

Several cities of Greece drove them out as incendiaries.

Incendiaries of figure and distinction, who are the inventors and publishers of gross falsehoods, cannot be regarded but with the utmost detestation.

4. He or that which excites.

INCEND'IARY, adjective Pertaining to the malicious burning of a dwelling; as an incendiary purpose.

1. Tending to excite or inflame factions, sedition or quarrels.