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INFU'SE, verb transitive s as z. [Latin infusus, infundo, to pour in; in and fundo, to pour.]

1. To pour in, as a liquid.

That strong Circean liquor cease t'infuse.

2. To instill, as principles or qualities.

Why should he desire to have qualities infused into his son, which himself never possessed.

4. To introduce; as, to infuse Gallicisms into a composition.

5. To inspire with; as, to infuse the breast with magnanimity. [Not used.]

6. To steep in liquor without boiling, for the purpose of extracting medicinal qualities.

One scruple of dried leaves is infused in ten ounces of warm water.

7. To make an infusion with an ingredient. [Not used.]

INFU'SE, noun Infusion.