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INI'TIATE, verb transitive [Low Latin initio, to enter or begin, from initum, ineo, to enter; in and eo, to go.]

1. To instruct in rudiments or principles; or to introduce into any society or sect by instructing the candidate in its

principles or ceremonies; as, to initiate a person into the mysteries of Ceres.

2. To introduce into a new state or society; as, to initiate one into a club.

3. To instruct; to acquaint with; as, to initiate one in the higher branches of mathematics.

4. To begin upon.

INI'TIATE, verb intransitive To do the first act; to perform the first rite.

INI'TIATE, adjective Unpracticed.

1. Begun; commenced. A tenant by the curtesy initiate becomes so by the birth of a child, but his estate is not consummate till the death of the wife.

INI'TIATE, noun One who is initiated.